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Step into the future of
Pay-Per-Use assets

Powered by Blockchain Technology

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What is Pay-Per-Use?

Our Pay-Per-Use Model - Explained at Use Case Whitecell/Nexmoblity
Our trucks are available on long-term agreements exclusively through the Pay-Per-Use model. The Pay-Per-Use takes into account , the type of vehicle and equipment as well as the annual mileage. In this way the customer only pays for the service actually used.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Technology change without risk (we bear all risks, not the customer)

  • No down payment

  • Transparent cost overview and no hidden additional costs

  • Financing incl. residual value risk by us

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The Benefits of Pay-Per-Use

Adopting a pay-per-use business model can deliver all sorts of advantages for a business (and for its customers)

Here are just a few of the factors that make it so interesting.
Access to new customers

By lowering your entry cost and charging customers only for what they use, you’re gaining access to new segments that:

a) can’t afford to buy it at full price, and

b) don’t want to pay a full subscription because they’re irregular users

Stronger customer relationships

A long-term and service-centred approach enables you to connect with your customer, making it harder for competitors to poach them.
Higher profit margins

Services delivered over the lifecycle of equipment can yield higher profit margins than a one-off payment.
Improved offerings

Insights gained from usage tracking can help companies evolve their products to better suit customer pain points.   
A competitive-edge

PPU enables companies to compete not only based on an offering but on additional perks and services (e.g. software, maintenance, support etc.).

Our Solutions

Pioneering the solutions for the future of Pay-Per-Use (PPU) assets in industry - combining supply chain with modern era blockchain technology, the internet of things and innovative financial services

Roxpay PPU Asset Management Platform

Roxpay Asset Investment Solution

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Payments Solutions for PPU

A personalised platform offering clients the chance to monitor, service and manage their industrial Pay-Per-Use assets for their customers!

Our answer to upfront capital expenditure - The Roxpay investment solution offers the chance for retail and institutional investors to support our clients and also capitalise on their assets stable yields!

Empower your business with our Pay-Per-Use payment solutions. We offer daily or instant settlements, machine connectivity, and a variety of payment methods to optimize your operations.

Our Partners

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